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The FORMCities Symposium and Design Competition was created a response to the urban conditions found in Jackson, MS, as well as mid-sized cities across the world.  In particular, FORMCities focused on the “urban divide”. Jackson is split socially, economically, and racially by transportation thoroughfares such as railroads and expressways. On either side of these urban divides the JCDC observed a 3:1 disproportionate distribution of incomes and opportunities. FORMCities was intended to ignite and foster ideas to address this problem in mid-size cities across the world.

Keynote presentations:

Susan Piedmont-Palladino:

The National Building Museum

Washington Alexandria Architecture Consortium

Brendan Cormier & Christopher Pandolfi:

The Department of Unusual Certainties

Design Competition Results:

1st Place: $1500
PORT A+U,  “Re-Cultivating the Forest City – Cleveland Ohio’s New Urban River Infrastructure”

2nd Place: $1000

Michael Haggerty + Karen Kubey, “2nd Marriage”


1st Place: $1500
Nick Wickersham, Auburn University – the Rural Studio, “Waterfront Mid-Sized City – Pensacola, FL”

2nd Place: $1000
Sarah Grider, Kirke McNeel, Amy Monarch, Rachel Hill, Mississippi State University, “Jackson reFORMed”

Honorable Mention:
Eric Rober Shell, University of Detroit Mercy, “A Means to a Place: Reconnecting the Road With the Street”


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