MONU # 11

MONU #11 – Clean Urbanism


In 1962, Thomas Kuhn wrote in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions that when a paradigm can no longer explain an anomaly, science enters a period of crisis. Contemporary urbanism is at this point. With the slow collapse of modern positivism (and its attempts at rebirth in techno-savvy sustainability) and the disjointed rise of a series of post-something’s, urbanism is in crisis. Anomalies abound: Many western cities are in decline, population densities are dropping, mega-cities are growing at incomprehensible rates, and unprecedented climate change threatens our very way of life. How do we move forward in a world paralyzed by a fear of its future? How do architecture and urbanism move from critique to projection?Every once in a while, within a crisis, voices of hope and progression emerge. MONUmagazine’s issue #11, “Clean Urbanism,” is one of the voices. MONU offers not only critique but possibility. Along with articles questioning the practices of contemporary sustainability, Editor-in-chief Bernd Upmeyer and team also provide hopeful design, such as OMA’s Zeekracht, and future-forward theorization on the new city.

MONU may not have yet provided a new paradigm for clean urbanism, the crisis is certainly not over, but it has provided hope. Combining theory and practice into a diverse, lively, open, and hopeful dialogue, MONU is the new paradigm for journals on urban and architectural thought.

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MONU #11 contents:

Sci-fi Greenery …or just Responsibility? – Samo Pedersen
Clean Cities – Dirty People – Matteo Muggianu
Dirty Consumerism – Nikonus Pappas
Coming Clean – Randall Teal
Domes over Manhattan – Interview with Gerd Hauser by Bernd Upmeyer
Rendering the Clean – Nathalie Frankowski and Cruz Garcia (WAI)
The Mobile Library Unit – John Southern
Where the Grass Is Greener – Tomorrow’sThoughtsToday
Clean around the Edges – Lee Altman
Bio-Port – Greg Keeffe and Simon Swietochowski
Zeekracht – The North Sea Masterplan – OMA
Scarcity: Bipolar Urbanism in the Sonoran Desert – Felipe Correa
Regenerative Ecologies – Claudio Astudillo Barra
Clean Energy is Dirty Business – Aleksander Tokarz
Dystopic Verdure – Jacob Ross Boswell
How to Win Poetic Praise and Influence Architects – Amanda Webb
The Cooperative City – Rogier van den Berg
Mania – Bryan Norwood and the Jackson Community Design Center


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