Mid- a Discourse on Mid-size cities is officially released.

mid- a discourse on mid size cities:

A journal published by the JCDC that will address shared problems and opportunities of the mid size city.  mid- is a platform for the exchange of ideas that will lead to a comprehensive model for achieving a balance between human inhabitation and ecosystems. In the absence of such a dialogue, designers and developers are left to solve the same problems in myriad cities as-if for the first time.  Each volume of mid- will address an urban obstacle and its relationship to one of four target areas: innovation, capital, education and community.  The Innovation issue will focus on urban designers, planners, architects, artists, and innovators of mid-size cities.  Capital will discuss issues related to capital driven opportunities, both public and private, in the realm of ecology, development, and business.  Education will highlight methods of outreach and teaching to develop a society of informed and engaged citizens.  Community will feature grassroots, locally driven change and empowerment.  mid- will call for contributions from professionals, academics, and practitioners that work within the 127 MSA’s included in our study area.  The format for the publication will be a limited number of print circulation and digital download.

A print and digital copy is available for purchase online at Lulu.com.  All proceeds from Mid- will go to the production of future issues.  Thank you for your support.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


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