Intelligent Cities Forum

Members of the JCDC will be present at the the Intelligent Cities Conference on Monday — read a little more about it from the Website:

On June 6, 2011 the National Building Museum will convene a one-day forum to explore the intersection of data, technology, and cities. Informed by a series of Intelligent Cities infographics that have appeared in TIME and responses from public polling queries, the forum will engage thought leaders, government officials, and the public to think about how to use existing and emerging technologies to improve our built environment. Held in the Great Hall of our historic home in Washington, D.C., this event will be simultaneously broadcast on the web.

Interactive presentations throughout the day will explore such topics as:

  • What Makes an Intelligent City?
  • The City as a Lab
  • Engaging the Broader Community
  • Regionally Thinking: Transportation, Affordability, and Equity
  • Imagining a Healthier City
  • Community and Social Interaction in the Wireless City
  • Designing a Collaborative Built Environment
For months we have be participating in online discussions, polls, and developing a network of professionals dealing with the relationships between technology, data collection, and how we see or envision the future of our cities.  It should be a very informative day.  More details when we return!

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